Column chart in Excel

Column chart is a great way to present the data in Excel spreadsheet in graphic way. By using column chart, you can clearly present and compare selected data. This article will show you, how to insert a column chart in Excel, step by step.

An example below shows sales results of some company divided by cities:

In fact, from this table we are able to find out what is the sales revenue for each city. However, comparison of the data for these cities would be more clear on the graphical chart. For this purpose, we will create column chart.

Firstly, select the data which should be included in the chart:

Secondly, go to Insert tab on the Excel Ribbon and find Insert Column or Bar Chart command in Charts group of commands:

After clicking on it, you can see drop-down list with some options, such as 2-D/3-D column chart or bar chart, but at the same bottom you can also find More Column Charts option:

By using this option, you can select among bigger range of available column/bar charts. Moreover, you can also see preview of selected chart:

After finding appropriate chart, confirm your choice by clicking OK. Once this is done, selected chart will be inserted in the same Excel Sheet, next to data range:

Column chart can be formatted, by using ready chart styles, or by selecting own settings. Ready styles can be used, after selecting the chart and clicking on Brush icon located next to the chart:

More detailed formatting options, which allow to create your own chart style are located in Format tab on the Ribbon, which is available after selecting the chart:

Example file to download

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